F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y: a literary combustion

There may be ice storms and riots taking over a good portion of the world, but here in Honolulu we are stirring up our own chaos, thank you very much. The M.I.A. Art & Literary Series works hard at mixing things up & around, so this month we are thrilled to bring you another collaboration:

Hawaii Review meet Tinfish Press, Tinfish Press meet Hawaii Review.

These two local presses are powerhouses in the literary landscape of Oahu and way beyond waters.

On their website, Tinfish Press states, “We publish work from the Pacific region, concentrating on language issues, colonialism, Buddhism, place, and poetic form. Above all, we seek to create alliances between writers whose work crosses national and aesthetic borders.” If you have not yet viewed one of their lovely books or journals, be sure to snag something at the M.I.A. February event.

“Founded in 1973, Hawai’i Review is a student run bi-annual literary journal featuring national, international, as well as regional literature of Hawai’i and the Pacific,” and as current poetry editor I can vouch for the quality work in the new issue, 73, which you can purchase at M.I.A. To find out more about the Hawaii Review click here.

Readers for this month’s event include poets, fiction writers, and non-fiction writers from publications Tinfish 20 & Hawaii Review 73:

Amalia Bueno
Donovan Colleps
Peter Forman
Jaimie Gusman
Christina Low
Jade Sunouchi
Craig Santos Perez
Tiare Picard
Joe Tsujimoto

If you have not heard these masters of craft before, please do stop by the Mercury bar on February 9th, at 7:30 PM. Bring cash if you would like to purchase some journals & books (they make great Valentines, yes sir!). Hope to see you all there!


Author: MIA Honolulu

We are a Honolulu-based literary series featuring local, national, and international writers and artists every third Thursday in Chinatown.

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