Holler for your fave lit event of the year (eh-hem, M.I.A.)

Summer has hit us hard.

Kinda like an Avalanche.

Okay, maybe not that kind of avalanche…

…more like this kind:

There have been some high points (ya know like climbing unemployment percentages and in case you haven’t heard it’s about 115 degrees in Minnesota) and some low points (can we say debt ceiling? how about the fact that it’s somewhere between 60 degrees and frozen in the Pacific Northwest?).

But there’s also some midpoints too–it’s a nice 80 degrees with clear skies here in Honolulu (ok, we’re bragging)–not to mention the literary goods that continue to churn out thanks to M.I.A.’s Summer Hiatus Artist Sessions (yes, we’re bragging again!). The 2nd of three artist sessions was a huge success, bringing together artists from various places in the community to play around with some poetry mad-libbing, memory exercises, and comedic delights (thanks to Craig Santos Perez & In Yo Face Improv). It was such an awesome, prolific time that one of our participants wrote up a sweet play-by-play on her blog, which you can check out HERE–thanks for the props Deanna!

Before the government shuts down completely, or we are forced to watch our friends on the mainland turn into mirages or snow people, make sure you attend the very last of the 2011 Summer Hiatus Artist Sessions on August 18th, 7:30PM, at Fresh Cafe.

You will need to bring one buck, your story-making A-game, and be open to shaking those musical bones of yours (doe-c-doe, my dears). There might even be some acting. Most likely there will be dancing. And don’t forget to bring a pen & your warrior paints.

Also, we’re really exciting for everyone to vote for The M.I.A. Art & Literary Series on Honolulu’s “Best of” list for best literary event. To vote, click HERE.

How awesome would it be to see M.I.A. take the #1 slot in the Honolulu literary scene since its inception in October 2009? VERY.

So please spread the word, the love, and all that gushy stuff.

And we do hope to see each and every one of you on August 18th!


Author: MIA Honolulu

We are a Honolulu-based literary series featuring local, national, and international writers and artists every third Thursday in Chinatown.

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