Everything is New, Again

In anticipation of yesterday’s M.I.A. event, I got to Fresh Cafe super early. I started writing this blog post:

Today is the last M.I.A. Art & Literary Series Summer Hiatus Artist Session. I’m sitting at Fresh Cafe writing this post with excitement for this last pow-wow of artists, but even more than that, I’m eager for the Fall’s regularly scheduled performances to begin.

In retrospect, I’m a little sad that Fall is starting, because that means no more Artist Sessions. Last night went so well that I don’t want to let that community–of writers, musicians, dancers, and artists–go. Hopefully this doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the Summer Hiatus Crew, but means an even larger, enthusiastic participating audience will join us in the Fall.

Starting in September we will have a great line-up (but I’ll keep that line-up a secret for now) that will really bring artists from different backgrounds together. Keeping with our theme of “community” and “openness,” M.I.A. continues to strive to build and build and build. We mix genres, activisms, borders, and communities with the hope that we are creating something larger, something accessible that doesn’t regret it’s all-inclusiveness and willingness to take the plunge as we break new ground in the Hawaii art scene. We respect all arts, all artists, and want to spread the word that no matter who you are, we want you.

I often think are we doing something wrong/right? after the close of an event. Was the audience having fun? Were the performers comfortable? I am hyper-critical of what happens on and off the stage, so it’s only natural to question just about everything. But my mind was put at ease the other day when I saw that the M.I.A. Art & Literary Series was voted by readers of the Honolulu Weekly as the Best Literary Event. It was put even more at ease when people left the last Summer Hiatus Artist Session with wider eyes. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement–there is always something we want to and will do better. But for now, M.I.A. wants to give our sincerest thanks to the artistic communities here in Honolulu for accepting us, supporting us, and challenging us. Because of you, we continue to do what we do: bridge gaps.


One of the ways we’re doing this, besides the monthly events of course, is by making an anthology, which you can read about here. We’ve extended our submission deadline so we can include all work from our inception in 2009 to the end of Fall 2011. Why do we think it’s important to do something in print? One word: distribution. We want people, not only in Hawaii, to know the great things the artistic community is doing, but also everyone nationally, even internationally. Another word: approachability. Isn’t it nice to be able to approach art in multiple spaces? You know that kick-ass poet who performed in Nov. 2010? Well now you can read more of his work –and take your time with it. We’re even thinking of making an M.I.A. Mix Tape of artists and musicians that have graced our stage.  This seems like a tall order, but with all the consistent talent & audience support M.I.A. sees through its doors month after month, we’re sure anything can happen.

So, as Fall begins, we’re excited for everything new, again. We’ll be holding our events at 7:30pm at Fresh Cafe on the following dates:

September 15th, 2011

October 20th, 2011

November 10th, 2011

December 15th, 2011

January 19th, 2012

So make sure you mark those calenders, ’cause we’re continuing to bring Honolulu a mix of innovative arts.


Author: MIA Honolulu

We are a Honolulu-based literary series featuring local, national, and international writers and artists every third Thursday in Chinatown.

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