Recap & Homework Assignment

In case you missed the January 16th M.I.A. Art & Literary Series/Honolulu Weekly event, here’s a recap:

7:00pm: Newcomers and familiar faces start trickling in to Fresh Cafe’s Loft In Space.

7:30pm: Drinks start getting ordered and each reader receives a lei from the Honolulu Weekly’s Mindy Pennybacker & M.I.A.’s Jaimie Gusman.

7:45pm: Jaimie gives a brief welcome and thank you to the audience and readers & introduces Penny.

7:50pm: Penny talks a little bit about the Honolulu Weekly’s First Annual Fiction & Poetry contest (which you can read about here)

7:55pm: Poetry Judge Janine Oshiro reads Mark Thiel’s winning poem “Line Fishing at Mahaulepu, Kauai” because he was unable to attend. Janine also read some poems from her lovely first book, Pier.

8:15pm: The very beautiful and very pregnant Lily Barels read some of her poems, including the one that won her Honolulu Weekly recognition, “The Thirty-First Year”!

8:25pm: James Cave read two fiction pieces, including the laugh-worthy “Race Relations,” featured here in the Honolulu Weekly.

8:40pm: A call for whiskey refills during intermission.

8:50pm: MJ Manna kicks off the second half with two flash-fiction pieces. Read the winning entry, “Splash of Aloha” here!

9:00pm: Donald Carreira Ching reads a wonderful story, “Da Same but Different”, which you can check out here.

9:15pm: A great end to a successful night! Can’t wait to collaborate again with the Weekly!

Before all this happened, I had big plans to do a little collaborative exercise, inspired by the Honolulu Weekly.

Things got moving so quickly that it just didn’t happen, so I decided to post the poem exercise here so you can try it at home:


1. Grab one random page of the newspaper and a blank sheet of paper.

2. Circle 5 random nouns and  5 random adjectives. Write those words down on your sheet of paper.

3. Circle 5 random verbs & write them down.

3. Now circle one random phrase from the newspaper and write this down on your sheet of paper.

4. The phrase will be the title of your poem. Each line of your poem will begin with one of the verbs you selected. Each line much also include one noun and adjective that you previously selected.

Here’s mine that comes from the January 11th article, “I Now Pronounce You Not Married! Is there anything civil about civil unions?” written by Shantel Grace:

Fast Forward 13 Years

Texted the religous department,

Acknowledging the marriage problem and my rights.

Think: my license is civil!

Prohibited jobs, segregated jobs.

Marry your opposite one day.


Author: MIA Honolulu

We are a Honolulu-based literary series featuring local, national, and international writers and artists every third Thursday in Chinatown.

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