President’s Day Poetry Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our President’s Day Poetry Writing Contest!

Below are the winning poems, that came from the February 20, 2012 M.I.A. event writing prompt, which was:

…write a poem with the 5 of following 10 words that President George Washington has favored in his inaugural address: dare, heaven, measure, establish, human, system, government, happiness, present, and love.

by Julia Wieting

The human system present,
heaven’s measure. Weighted,
like the press of seahorse
babies against the belly,
all fathers’ need for the hope
that their children
will stay
like innocent stars.
As relations constellate.
As humans participate.
As heaven inhales,

I Dare You
by Leah Joseph

I dare you.
I dare you to take the full measure
of heaven.
I dare you to establish a human
I dare you to find the happiness
in government.
I dare you to love me in the
I dare you.

by Nohealani S

My parents cannot vote
for the president of the U.S.
Because Guam is just a
“Don’t you dare question it,”
they say.
“We are lucky & proud to be
U.S. citizens, & you be too.”
“Our government works,
despite corruption.
Our system works despite
Happiness is what chamorros
lacked throughout history.
So we love the U.S. for
giving us freedom.
From the Spanish,
the Germans,
the Japanese.
So happy you are an American.

While only giving 60%
by Dr. David Ruecker

The government
can dare to
the worth of
the present
but I love
the glee of
paying taxes
for unrelenting
human comedy


Author: MIA Honolulu

We are a Honolulu-based literary series featuring local, national, and international writers and artists every third Thursday in Chinatown.

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